Music for wedding ceremonies

Dear engaged couple.


It will be an honour form e to make your wedding day an unforgettable one also thanks to the live music, which will guide you through the wedding ceremony.


Please listen to my songs in the section "Musik" and make a list of those, which you would like to hear on your Big day. You can e-mail your final list selection after the confirmation of my availibility for your date. (see Kontakt)

In section Wedding repertoire you can find a list of all songs posssible to choose from.


If you would like me to play a song, which is not in the list, please send me an e-mail with your request. After the assessment of suitability for violins/my voice I will be happy to learn this song for you for a small additional fee (finding and buying sheet music + playback, learning the new song).


15 minutes before the wedding ceremony I play a selection of classical music to welcome the wedding guests and to bring them into a festive mood for  the wedding ceremony. (also see section Repertoire please)


Followingly there is a scheme for the Wedding Ceremony itself:

1.     Song for the groom and its cortege

2.     Song for coming of the bride

3.     Introduction of engaged couple – without music

4.     Small speech of the parson – song plays silently in the background

5.     Special song right before the wedding vows

6.     Saying YES J  (without music)

7.     Exchanging of the rings, first newlymarried kiss, signatures – SONG

8.     Congratulations from the wedding guests – a few songs depending on a number of wedding guests (usually about 5 songs)



My songs are played with the back trackings exactly as you can hear from my website. I am using a Thomann equipment which is able accompany the whole wedding ceremony in a very good quality indoor as well as on outdoor places.

All I need is an electrical plug but it is even possible to play without electricity as I have built-in battery.