About Viktoria (Vitezslava Krahmer)

Viktoria was born in Pilsen and studied fashion design at the fashion school.

 From the age of five she studied violin at Vlasta Frieslova in the music school.



During her studies, she successfully participated in various competitions as a solo artist as well as chamber music and above all with a piano trio.

For a long time she played the first violin in various orchestras.


Particularly noteworthy here are the four years as the first violin for the internationally renowned and successful Irish Cork School of Music Symphony Orchestra and the Cork Symphony Orchestra.


She is a graduate of various music courses by the award-winning and leading Czech violin artist Jana Novakova-Vonaskova.


For the last 5 years Viktoria has been a member of the Consortium Musicum chamber orchestra, which, under the direction of the renowned West-Bohemian conductor, teacher, organist and harpsichordist Vit Aschenbrenner, focuses primarily on the interpretation of Baroque music.

The ensemble performs successfully throughout the year numerous concerts in the Czech Republic, abroad and at international festivals.


Today Viktoria plays the first violin in the Pilsen´s Orchestra chamber music with the conductor Ivo Pavelka.


From the age of 18 Victoria began her private studies with her singing education with various teachers of the Conservatory. Her main teacher was the soloist of the State Opera in Prague and award-winning teacher Simona Prochazkova.


In recent years, she has been able to prove her skills through a variety of soloist performances with violin and voice.

Numerous performances with the pianist Petr Novak in the field of church music, and also with the harpist Katarina Sevcikova, with whom she together 4 years the duo Angelorum with life and presented a mixed repertoire of pop, classical, film music and musical, make Victoria today an experienced and sought-after artist.


For 15 years Viktoria has accompanied and organized the artistic part in wedding ceremonies in many places in the Czech Republic and also in Ireland.

Her ability to express and convey feelings and emotions with her violin as well as her unforgettable voice make every wedding and concert an unforgettable event that touches the soul.


Many artists, nationally and internationally, have inspired Viktoria throughout her life, which is reflected in her selection of songs. The crucial inspiration and encouragement to pursue her life and, above all, her profession in her music was a concert visit to Lindsey Stirling. Encouraged by her words and music, Victoria decided to focus on music with the support of her husband and give life a new meaning.



Viktoria is fluent in Czech, English and German.